Illegal Human Trafficking

FHIDO has been actively working with local partners to work towards curving the vulnerability of youth to illegal human trafficking. Through the implementation of the project, it was able to enhance the resilience capacity of young mothers and female commercial sex workers through engaging them in viable income generating activities so that major driving factors that expose women and young girls to human trafficking to the Middle East and the psychosocial aftermath they face during the course of the trafficking process will ease. Through organizing discussions. and awareness embracing numerous youth, it was able to increase the understanding of the dynamics that lead young people, not to leave their homes and seek employment elsewhere. As a result of its awareness raising campaigns in schools, community level, and parents on the effects of illegal human trafficking, it was able to reach wider communities and youth and contributed for reducing the illegal flow of the youth to abroad. So far youth who are vulnerable and on the verge of illegal human trafficking, young mothers who are from low economy parents, youth who are exposed to substance abuse have been addressed.