Sponsor Relations Unit

The major role of the Sponsor Relations Unit (SRU) is to facilitate the correspondences among children and their sponsors. The sponsored children are entitled to exchange letters with their sponsors by respecting the rules and regulations of ChildFund Ethiopia, donor.

There are different categories of letters which have their own specific purposes that need to be reflected in the letters when the children write letters to their respective sponsors. Among the letters, the major ones are: Well come Letter (WL), Bonding Letter (BL), Sponsor Letter (SL), Child Initiated Letter (CIL), and Thank you Letter (TYL).

·         WL does mean welcoming letter that is written by the child when the child gets new sponsor, he/she introduces about himself, about his/her family & about the area the child lives etc.

·         BL is bonding letter which is used to strengthen the relationship between the child and the sponsor and it is sent to the sponsor after certain days which the WL was sent.

·         SL is the response letter written by the child for the envelope that the sponsor sent for his/her sponsored child.

·         CIL is another type of letter which written by the child if the child and the sponsor have no any communication through letter for the first six months and this letter is used as a tool to initiate the sponsor to write a letter to his/her sponsored child. 

·         TYL is an acknowledgement letter written by the child to his/her sponsor for the money gift that the sponsor sent to him/her.

In addition to letters, children’s Annual Progress Reports (ACPR) is sent to each sponsor every year in the months of July and August. This report mainly states the children’s academic performance, the type of benefit that the child and his/her family get from the program, the children’s physical development in terms of height and weight etc is some of the elements of ACPR.  


The other major activity which is performed by the unit is the Children’s Verification System (CVS) which is prepared twice in a year which is from July to December and from January to June. The main intention of this activity is to ensure our organization accountability to the children sponsors. It verifies the children physical presence in the operational area where the organization operates, children participation or benefits from the program and the status of the children health. These and other components of the CVS data are entered in to the website which is established for this purpose which creates an opportunity to the concerned parties or individuals to have information.