Humanitarian Interventions

FHIDO has been actively engaged in humanitarian interventions to assist people who are victims of armed conflict, famines, and natural disasters in Addis Ababa, Afar and Tigray regions. . So far , FHIDO has supported over 9500 community members  with emergency response and preparedness in its target areas. Through our emergency response activities, Internally Displaced People(IDPs) who are  affected by conflicts ,floods and drought have been reached through the  support. The intervention addressed the most urgent needs of communities with basic health, foods, financial support as well as farm activities for most affected communities. The intervention also addressed most affected communities through the provision of animals like small ruminants   to enable them recover and become economically resilient.

FHIDO has worked with local government and the flood affected communities as well as poorest IDPs in communities to enable the community reengage in agricultural and small scale business activities with the provision of necessary agricultural and economic initiation materials.  Through the interventions, the community’s involvement and participation was high to bring the expected changes. FHIDO’s interventions led to increase in the number of communities able to take action to reduce disaster risk using their own resources.