Commercial Sex Workers

In FHIDO’s operational area, there are many women who are engaged in Commercial sex work as the main means of livelihood to sustain their life and support their children. Since their engagement in the activity is one of factors for the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, FHIDO has been working to aware selected CSWs on taking precautionary measures to prevent the main modes of transmission and practice safer sex. Other than working on awareness on prevention and treatment efforts among sex workers, FHIDO’s interventions extends to addressing the vulnerabilities of FSWs on economic factors because economic factors are the main driving reasons. 

Hence, after carefully assessing the needs and commitment of CSWs to engage in economic empowerment schemes, it has been providing basic small business skill trainings and providing working materials based on their inherent potential to start their own business to earn income. FHIDO’s intervention towards CSWs has contributed to take out many of CSWs from their risky business and behaviors and create healthy community members in the project areas together with improving their income earning capacity.