Natural Resource Management

FHIDO is one of the active NGOs which has engaged in community based natural resource managements through a number of interventions. The main interventions in natural resource management includes forestry, support for target farmers in agriculture and irrigation for better productivity, watershed development and rural livelihood developments.  It is one of the proponent of green legacy and environmental protection through the engagement of planting of trees and different fruits in urban and rural settings which contributed for environmental protection as well as enabled the community to engage and stand for suitable living environment.

Through the implementation of projects in Afar and Addis Ababa, it has been actively engaged to support farmers through different agricultural inputs like fertilizers , chemicals and trainings which boosted their ability to produce different products and become self-sufficient. The support for farmers with water pumping equipment and transfer of knowledge on irrigation was instrumental in increasing the productivity of farmers and better markets for their products. Moreover, the organization has been actively encouraging urban communities to engage in urban agriculture through trainings, experience sharing, provision of agricultural inputs and planting of different vegetables in their space and compound which served to contribute food security and access to nutritious foods for target families.

Moreover FHIDO has been engaged in supporting rural communities and farmers through capacity building training on cooperatives modalities and natural resource managements whereby the organized community members, farmers and youth were able to access plot of land to engage in different production of cash crops, production of honey and preservation of their land from erosion which served to improve their livelihood and economy.