Health Programs

FHIDO has been actively engaged through designing different health focused projects to address HIV-impacted OVCs to access comprehensive HIV/AIDS related and other services for improving health, nutrition, education, protection, livelihoods and psychosocial well-being. Through its intervention, it was able to support individuals to access HIV testing and counseling and receive their test results, contributed for increased access to ART for HIV-positive children and caregivers and improved disclosure, adherence and retention to achieve viral suppression for HIV positive children and adults through collaborative and systematic follow ups. Moreover, the continuous dialogues and awareness creation sessions reduced stigma and discrimination towards OVCs and HIV affected community members.

Through its health interventions, FHIDO was able to achieve treatment saturation and viral load suppression among residents of Addis Ababa. Through the initiative, it was able to undertake intensive detection, suppression and responding to HIV cases. Hence, it was able to undertake active case finding of the most at risk adolescents, children and care givers within the community through testing parents and children and detect new positive children and put the PLHIV identified on treatment and ensured treatment adherence to suppress viral load in each of its target woredas in Arada, Lideta and Bole sub city.