Early Childhood Development (ECD):

ECD program is one of the core programs of Future Hopes Integrated Development Organization/FHIDO) which focuses on under five-years-old children. The program is designed to have the best mix of strategies to combine both short-term (micro nutrient supplementation, targeted feeding programs) and long-term (income-generation activities, and education for behavior change) impact on the target children and their parents/caregivers. Its intervention in the area of Early Childhood Development laid strong foundation in the overall growth and development of the target children. The technical and material support like bed sheets and mattresses, mats, tables and chairs, outdoor playing materials, playground, water points and providing water tankers provided to target beneficiaries and selected ECD centers played significant role by creating accesses for preschool and improved the quality of service provided in government and community owned ECD centers. Moreover, the provision of exercise books, pencils, school bags and school uniforms as well as transportation support for children with disability alleviated scarcity of educational materials for DEV students and enabled them to attend preschool education in different ECD centers. Besides, the health, sanitation and nutrition aspects the program intervention played significant role by decreasing communicable disses, malnutrition and child mortality rate in the target area.