Service Entitlements and Human Rights

In all its interventions, FHIDO applies the human rights Based approach as working principles that are meaningful and inclusive participation and access to decision making;  nondiscrimination and equality ; accountability and rule of law for all; transparency of its works and access to information for its targets. As such, FHIDO is known for its practice and culture to advocate and lobby service providers through the use of media , different platforms and discussions to be responsive , accountable and transparent to the needs of its targets . It has also been making itself accountable, transparent; ensure participation and inclusion of the most marginalized community members like OVCs, people with disabilities, PLHIVs and girls in all the services it provides. It has been promoting the service entitlements of its targets and other discriminated members of the community through lobbing and influencing the different duty bearers and partners in prioritizing the targets, ensuring their participation in all project cycles and decision making. This is evidenced through its culture of organizing parental and beneficiary meetings , feedback sessions , involvement of all its targets in the planning , implementation and monitoring stages as well as the frequent mediums used to share all financial information, future directions and plans for its targets as well as its efforts to make service providers the same for the community.