FHIDO has been working to improve the water, hygiene and sanitation condition of the community in the past. With close partnership with local partners, it has been engaged in the rehabilitating of both girls` and boys` toilet as well as creating access to water services for target schools , health centers and the community in Addis Ababa and Afar through the construction of water points and taps serving students, health professionals and the community to access clean water to drink , assist in health centers to manage clean and effective delivery and generally to enable the wider community to maintain better hygiene and sanitation.

It has been also providing water tankers for health centers in Afar and Addis Ababa and fully equipping target schools with menstrual hygiene kits and materials (girls’ rooms, mattress, sanitary napkins and related materials) to give service to girls and mothers during delivery.  The intervention in WASH helped to improve the health condition of  girls and thereby resulted  in improvement in academic performance. Moreover, its WASH intervention in Afar has enabled and  improved target health centers effectiveness to provide all round health services for children , youth and mothers who need different forms of health services at the health centers .

Moreover, to ensure the general community health, FHIDO has also been engaged in the provision of cleaning and protective material for Woreda solid waste collecting associations to facilitate their engagement in protecting their living environment. It has also been organizing regular refresher training for school health club members on sanitation hygiene, menstrual cycle management and hand washing campaigns to enhance the understanding level of club members on sanitation and hygiene.